KESEM Group will offer financial assistance and training to young people in Nigeria. Apply now 1

KESEM Group will offer financial assistance and training to young people in Nigeria. Apply now

KESEM will offer assistance and training to 100,000 young Nigerians.

In order to help the world achieve all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda, the Kelvin Ewoma Samuel Program for Entrepreneurship and Leadership (KESEM) Youth in Business is on a mission to recruit, mentor, and support 1,000,000 young African entrepreneurs by the year 2050.

Through our training, mentoring, and support programs, we are on a mission to mentor, invest, and link up to 1,000,000 young entrepreneurs by 2050, who, with their combined abilities, may develop new solutions to economic difficulties in Africa.


This program is divided into three parts as follows:

  • Mentorship
  • Business Plan and Pitching
  • Funding and Certification Award

Mentorship: To be eligible for the $1000 non-refundable business prize, all applicants must finish our mentorship program. Great business lectures that will move you from thinking to business growth and sustainability, leadership and character development, have been developed by our team.

This is crucial to assisting applicants on their entrepreneurial path. Following the completion of each class during the mentorship term, there will be a practical test.

Business Plan and Pitching: Business Plan and Pitching enables all applicants who have successfully completed the guidance period to submit their business plan sample. All applicants will pitch their businesses in a 5-minute video that is sent to us. All applicants will receive instruction on how to submit applications effectively.

Funding and Certification Award: After the business process and the game time, the final step is to give applicants who have passed the first two steps (leadership and business process) a $1000 funding award as well as certificates for the various courses they took during the leadership period.

Benefits of this program: hone your business administration skills and earn a certification.

Learn digital development skills such as web development without coding, mobile graphic design, marketing on Facebook and Instagram, Whatsapp, email marketing, AI scripting, video editing, cartoon animation, and many more.

Earn a degree from Nigeria’s top leadership organization while learning leadership skills and developing your character.

Register Your Company

Create a business plan to expand your enterprise.

Opportunities for Business Promotion

Take advantage of a $1,000 Non-Distributor Business Grant.

Having Conversations With Other Marketers

How to Apply for this program:

Click Apply now below to apply.


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  1. I applied for the KESEM $1000 grant last week and today I saw the email notifying me I was selected for the mentorship program……sadly i accidentally got deleted before I could confirm and i have failed to retrieve it as it was in spam. What can I do to have it resend it?

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