That is why the court detained Sheikh Idris Abdul’aziz Dutsen Tanshi in prison

A Magistrate’s Court in Bauchi has ordered the detention of a prominent Muslim cleric in the state, Sheikh Idris Abdul’aziz Dutsen Tanshi, in prison.

The Bauchi state police force arraigned the controversial teacher in court on Monday, after inviting him to a complaint filed before it.

The move comes more than a month later

On the 8th of April, the Bauchi State Islamic Jurisprudence Commission clarified its decision to cancel a discussion session it organized with Sheikh Idris Abdul’aziz, who was accused of uttering some bad words against the Prophet. Muhammad.

The famous teacher is accused of uttering the words that he does not need the help of the Prophet, which most people think is a bad word and does not show obedience to the Supreme Being.

The incident caused a heated debate even among Islamic scholars in northern Nigeria, where some started calling for the authorities to take action.

The bar teacher’s lawyer, Umar Hassan, confirmed that the teacher was detained, after they asked for his bail, where the court set Tuesday as the day to give judgment on this request.

The teacher’s lawyer said that it was Fityanul Islam that filed a complaint with the police, which is why they invited him to their office.

He said that the group accused Sheikh Idris Abdul’aziz of being rude to Prophet Muhammad, and they demanded that action be taken against him.

The lawyer emphasized to the BBC that the teacher has repeatedly denied this accusation against him.

According to him, since last week, the teacher should have accepted the invitation, but he sent them an excuse saying that he would not be able to come then.

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